ARTIOS brings better performance to Stabilisation efforts because 'good enough' simply isn't.

For over a decade, the ARTIOS team have delivered humanitarian, information and security projects in over 45 countries. Our technical and capacity strengthening services cover Strategy, Risk and Performance Management by concentrating on:

  • Communication - construct and maintain positive narratives as conflicts & crises are largely contests of influence.

  • Optimisation – review and improve processes and systems to scale efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Decision Making – instill better judgement and meet needs with evidence based choices.

In the world's most challenging areas, we enhance the skills, behaviour and knowledge of communities, local & international organisations and governments.



  • Strategy - Design, Implementation & Control.

  • Research Projects. 

  • Client Representation.

Risk Management in Arabia


  • Rapid Needs & Vulnerability Assessments.

  • Risk Mitigation - Explosive, Security, Information.

  • Project & Crisis Management plans.

Tech Tools in Conflict


  • External Quality Assurance.

  • Programme Effectiveness Evaluations.

  • Management of field trials for new technology.

We provide organisations with the ability to handle ambiguity in the blurred lines between war and peace in fragile and conflict affected states (FCAS) and Crises. At home in the UK and Ireland, we support clients across a range of sectors from academia and media to defence and technology

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Artios' Network

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships world wide in 45 countries.