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Risk Management in the Arabian Peninsula

The challenge

When Blackmane Media undertook one the UK Media Industry’s most ambitious projects in 2017, Artios were requested to provide all the risk management required to deliver the production in an uncertain environment and against a very tight schedule.

Our role
We provided a Risk Management Strategy covering the entire production from legal compliance and operational challenges in the UK, though to financial, physical and reputational risk of the production crew in Arabia.

Prior to filming we undertook a full pre-production risk assessment based on industry guidelines and major broadcaster standards. A multi-platform reporting and tracking system was employed to ensure effective command and control of the team 24/7. This enabled us to react to any issues in real-time, whilst also providing information to continually monitor and assess the situation. In pre-deployment Artios equipped and trained the crew, running test scenarios for the team to ensure all elements were briefed and ready for the potentially dangerous environment they were to face.

During the journey, one of our highly skilled Risk Managers deployed with the crew for the entire duration of the production. This enabled onsite management on a daily basis, meaning nothing was left to chance. We combined this on-location perspective with analysis via tracking and intelligence platforms from the team back in the UK . This layered approach provided timely, precise and targeted recommendations to the Blackmane team. Artios’ goal was that risk management would facilitate not inhibit production goals.

The result

In such turbulent environments difficult situations arose but our preparation and management ensured that the frequency and impact of such events was greatly reduced.  All incidents, including several that were mission critical, were responded to without significant cost, delay or disruption to Blackmane.

We are very pleased that the crew visited all planned areas and accessed all groups necessary, no matter how challenging either tasks initially seemed. The team are now back safe to the UK and you will be able to watch the show in late 2018. 


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