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Strategy, Risk and Performance Management  in Hostile, remote and complex environments

Explosive Hazard Mitigation

Evidence Based Decision Making

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Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Research and Publications

Much of Artios’ work is focused on carrying out Research, Assessments and Performance management - M&E assignments. Our consultants must have up to date expertise and experience of quantitative and qualitative approaches to understand the impact of any work. Within this is a desire for innovation and especially with the integration and exploitation of new technologies, be that engineering tools or data & analytics systems.

To maintain this high rigor in our work, Artios foster a culture of peer review, and where possible by publication or public debate. The CEO is an alumni of the ‘IDEAS’ Foreign Policy Think Tank -  and staff are regulars at conferences in the UK, Europe and United States.

A sample of our publications and contributions is as follows:

Disaster Relief & Development

·       CDC (2015) ‘Initiation of a Ring Approach to Infection Prevention and Control at Non-Ebola Health Care Facilities — Liberia, January–February 2015’ Available at

·       Luke (2015) ‘Information as aid: Malaria prevention in the Ebola outbreak’


Tech Training Tools

·       Mellor, Luke et al (2016) ‘Experience of Using Simulation Technology and Analytics During the Ebola Crisis to Empower Frontline Health Workers and Improve the Integrity of Public Health Systems. Available at

·       Mellor,Luke et al (2015) Advancing today’s training and tomorrow’s outbreak preparedness: the importance of innovation. Available at

Systems Innovation

·       Alford, Brad and Kennedy, Michael (2016) "Adapting the ERW Community to Combat IED Threats," Journal of Conventional Weapons Destruction: Vol. 20 : Iss. 3 , Article 6. Available at: