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Dave Luke - CEO

Dave Headshot.jpg

Dave is an Information and Strategy expert who has delivered high threat operations, humanitarian aid and media projects in more than 50 countries.  His work includes:

- managing emergency missions in Africa and the Middle East,

- running media operations in urban disasters, remote jungles and high altitude mountains in the Americas and Eurasia,

- delivering Explosive Remnant of War (ERW), Search and Construction projects worldwide. 

He is a keen analyst with research interests in International Affairs, as an alumni of the ‘IDEAS’ foreign policy think tank, and champions technology integration for evidence based decision making.  He also volunteers with the Team Rubicon Disaster Relief Charity.

Dave has a First Class, Strategy and Diplomacy MSc from The London School of Economics and Political Science, a Communications Engineering BEng from Cranfield University and Executive Education from Manchester Business School.  His personal life is equally adventurous as a member of the Alpine Club with a number of world first ascents and he is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.